atena kendoThe Athens Kendo Club, under the approval of the Hellenic Kendo Iaido Naginata Federation, is organizing the first

ever international kendo tournament in Greece.

Welcome to "The Athens Taikai" !

We invite you to participate in this very competitive yet friendly tournament, to be held on the 29th and 30th of May 2010 in Athens.

It is our hope to attract keen and spirited kendoka who are willing to help us coin the Athens Taikai as a respectable yearly event. 

The Athens Taikai is not just competition; we also believe that such events should also be about friendship and cultural exchange.

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High level guests with great experience in international competitions have been invited to referee the matches.

Louis Vitalis   7 Dan     Mike Davis   7 Dan

Jean Pierre Labru      7 Dan    Tibor Barany       6 Dan

Donatella Castelli   6 Dan    Gαbor Erdιlyi    5 Dan

The following competitions are to be held:

Teams (5 people);   Men's individual;   Ladies individual;

All participants must be members of the EKF/IKF